Following Valkyrie as she sails about on the big blue...


We docked in Lattakia, Syria and then journeyed by bus to Damascus and Palmyra.

On route to Damascus, we visited Krak des Cheveliers (Castle of the Crusaders), a magnificent castle. We also stopped by the St. Serge and Baccus Monestary and visited the chapel. A woman came in and read the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic.

View of Krak des Cheveliers, an awesome castle in Syria
View of Krak des Cheveliers.

We continued on to Damascus and wandered though the souq, aka bazaar. That evening, folk dancers led us through winding streets.

The Damascus Souk, in Syria
Entrance to the souk in Damascus.

Tamra Strentz dancing the folk dance, in Damascus, Syria
 Tamra trying to folkdance, Syrian style.

The following day, we visited Palmyra where the sprawling desert ruins were exclusively ours for exploration. While we traveled though the desert via bus from ruin to ruin, the souvenir hawkers chased us from place to place on motorbike or camel, selling postcards, checked kufeyyas, cans of soda and more.
Ryan Martell in a Kufeyya, in Syria
Ryan in his red checked kufeyya.

Tamra Strentz in the Bedouin tent in Syria
Tamra in the Bedoin tent at Baghad Cafe with Syrian host.

The tower at Palmyra, Syria
The tower at Palmyra. Ryan climbed to the top and was hanging out on the roof.

Tamra Strentz sitting amongst the ruins in Palmrya, Syria
Palmyrian sites.

Palmyra, Syria ruins
Some of the EMYR gang taking in the view.