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In Iskenderun, we visited various sites in Antioch, including St. Peter's Church, a museum full of ancient mosaics and more. When we visited a castle, there were a lot of little children waiting to hand us wildflowers and weeds they had just picked. At St. Peter's, EMYR participants armed with video cameras and digital cameras were mobbed by school kids who wanted to get on camera!
Old crypts in Iskenderun, Turkey
Visiting old crypts
St. Peter's Church in Iskenderun, Turkey
St. Peter's Chuch -- one of the first places Christians gathered to worship

Floor mosaic on display in Antioch Mosaic Museum, in Iskenderun, Turkey
Floor mosaic on display in Antioch Mosaic Museum.
Tamra Strentz in Iskenderun, Turkey
Tamra and Iskenderun student Selahattin who helped out with the rally at the marina.