Following Valkyrie as she sails about on the big blue...

What's a Valkyrie?

From Scandinavian mythology, the Valkyries were the brave and powerful handmaidens of the Nordic god Odin (the big man -- on par with Zeus or Jupiter). The Valkyries flew on winged horses over battlefields and waited to select warriors, who died bravely in battle, to live for eternity in Vahalla, the hall of the slain (where it was one big party).

Between battles, the Valkyries sometimes visited the earth incognito to run special errands for Odin. Get this: they came to earth disguised as swans.

A Valkyrie
created by & used with permission from www.castletrash.com

How was the name selected?

Tamra remembers this: After paging through a "Name your Boat" book, Ryan came across "Valkyrie." Ryan denies there ever was a book and that he came up with a list of his own. Either way, Valkyrie made it onto his short list. Given the boat was built in Scandinavia (Finland) and Ryan wanted to pay homage to Nordic female warriors everywhere, it seemed like a good fit. And what a coincidence to learn that the Valkyries also masquerade as swans on days between battles. Bonus.

What other names were considered?

Ryan: "I don't have any recollection."
Tamra: " I remember Ryan talking about the name Rosetta and going with an Egyptian theme (Spinx on sail, Rosetta stone reproduction on wall, hieroglyphics on the cushion covers, etc."

Who was Valkyrie in her past life?

Before Valkyrie became who she is today, she was known as Brigid with a Boston home port and had an Irish theme going on, complete with green stripes. Prior to that, she was a Euro-based boat, but we're not sure what flag she flew. We're looking into it.